Scappoose High School Student Portraits Make Up Day - Tuesday, September 26th.

This day is for students who missed being photographed on registration day and have not been photographed for the year book and a student ID card. All Students must be photographed for their ID card. If you want to purchase a portrait package,  download and fill out the order form and bring it to school, including payment, on picture day. There are also forms available at the office.

Click HERE to download an order form.

Appropriate clothing is important for a good portrait. The objective of a school picture is to showcase students looking their best, not to draw attention to a crazy shirt. It’s best, therefore, to avoid patterns like checks, polka-dots and florals, and instead keep the top in one uniform color. While a color-blocked shirt doesn’t have the distracting element of a tiny print, it can break up the visual line. Additionally, shirts with words or visible logos are also not an ideal choice. Stick to solid-colored tops that best complement your coloring, and you’ll have a yearbook look that will stand the test of time.

If you have any questions please call us at 503-543-7554