Our Story

Mossbargers, now in it's second generation of ownership, is well known for innovative portraits, unsurpassed service, and exceptional value. Larry and Mary (Mossbarger) Ericksen have been carrying on the family business since 1985. "We believe every person is created in God's image and is valuable. We count it a privilege to be entrusted with creating emotion filled images for our client." "We stand behind every Mossbarger Portrait with a 100% guarantee...

We're not satisfied until our clients are thrilled!"

Meet The Photographer


IDIC (infinite diversity in infinite combinations)  I just love living in the great NW. I live 5 minutes from the river, 1.5 hours from the ocean 2 hours from the mountains and 3 hours from the high desert. I love traveling and seeing new horizons.

Boating is a passion for me along with summer water sports. I started water skiing at the age of 9 and continue to enjoy it.

Playing guitar sitting on the bow of my boat at anchor...hmm, thats a photo I would love to take!

I believe in a Creator that loves me.

I am always amazed when someone trusts me to photograph them.

I don't worry much. I would if I thought it would make a difference!

Larry has been "creating magic and capturing life" since 1985. He has built a lasting reputation as an intuitive and imaginative portrait artist earning the prestigious Fuji Masterpiece Award, Kodak Gallery Award,  Judges Choice Award, People's Choice Awards and PMPA Photographer of the year award.  Larry has earned his Fellowship of Photography degree and has served as President of the Professional Photographers of Oregon.

Here are a few of my latest prints ready for print competition!